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Facing my fears one deep breath at a time

As a child I always felt different. I never felt anyone understood certain parts of who I was. Those things would remain hidden and ignored for many years. I had a very strong sense of who people were. I can remember meeting people, even complete strangers and getting an immediate good or bad feeling. The… Continue reading Facing my fears one deep breath at a time

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The intense love of Motherhood

When you become a mother everyone is quick to tell you all the perfect sitcom versions of what motherhood will be like. The love you'll feel, the joy they bring to your life. They tend to tell you some sugar coated version of what motherhood actually feels like. Now my kids do bring me joy… Continue reading The intense love of Motherhood

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Chasing down the perfection of tomorrow

I feel like we are programmed to live in the future. I don’t mean some sci-fi time travel to some future life. I’m talking about instead on being mindful and present our focus is often on the future. What about tomorrow? What do I have to get done next week? What if this thing could… Continue reading Chasing down the perfection of tomorrow