The Invisible Struggle

I have anxiety and bouts of high functioning depression and OCD. Basically when my anxiety gets out of control the depression and OCD follow. I go through periods where I have a handle on the anxiety and feel relatively "normal" and I have other times it takes me a little longer to regain some stability.… Continue reading The Invisible Struggle

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Hard truths about happiness

Ok this is a hard one to hear. It is for me at least. This is because I sit and think about so many wasted years of unhappiness. Overall my life has been pretty damn good, but I haven’t always seen it that way. I’ve spent many days miserable because of things either out of… Continue reading Hard truths about happiness

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Healing has no timeline

I lost my dearest and closest friend 4 years ago. While most people that know me realize that I felt a tremendous loss. They were not aware that my life changed in ways I did not foresee coming. Her death wasn’t the unforeseen part. I had sometime to prepare, (fuck cancer!) although there really isn’t… Continue reading Healing has no timeline